IMG_6245My name is James Street and I am the creator of WordBoard. I started these projects as synopsis videos to go along with sermons I preached in my youth group. I was a pastoral intern in a junior high ministry at Grace Community Church located in Sun Valley, CA. In the Fall of 2013 our junior high pastor, Andrew Curry, launched a sermon series called Route 66 where he began to preach one sermon for every book of the Bible. For the first few sermons Pastor Andrew showed a YouTube video made by the Vine Project that summarized each book he preached with whiteboard sketches. After making his way through the first five books, he graciously extended to me the opportunity to continue cutting my preaching teeth on the next book, Joshua. Unfortunately, the Vine Project only made videos of Genesis through Deuteronomy, so I was stuck. I didn’t want to be “that guy” who would disappoint our students, because there wasn’t a fun video to play along with my sermon. That’s when I came up with the “bright” idea to make my own whiteboard video of Joshua. I figured, “How hard could it be?”



Well, if you’ve ever watched my first video about Joshua (not the new and improved one), you can tell by the poor quality how hard it can be. And yet despite how pathetic it looked, it was so well received by my youth group and others around church that I continued to make a whiteboard video for every sermon I preached during the Route 66 series (except ones for the books of Job and Esther, although I finally got around to making Job). Obadiah, Matthew, 2 Corinthians, and 1 Peter followed. And to cap off our time in the Old Testament and the New Testament, I created a summary for both when we reached each successive milestone. Throughout that time I continued to learn how to make better whiteboard videos. I tweaked the lighting, changed the position of the camera, adjusted the voiceover. I learned to do the best I could with limited resources. But by Christmas 2014 Route 66 came to an end. So I hung up my whiteboard marker and moved on with other responsibilities in my life, thinking I would never make another video again.


But a recent downturn in my health has opened the door for me to spend some time reviving the WordBoard project. Many of my friends encouraged me to continue making these videos and I’ve seen how valuable they can be. The Christian church today is inundated with poor theology and an embarrassing IQ of the Bible. Many think it’s too boring or outdated. WordBoard then is designed to revive interest in the Bible by demonstrating how gripping and relevant it really is.